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The 2015-2016 MACCA and MCCA members as of September 21, 2015 are:

  • Rebecca Allen

    Susan Arment

    Carisa Atkins *

    Elaine Avery *

    Shirley Bagwill

    Mike Barrett *

    Jeanne Bastian *

    Marlena Bennett *

    Terry Bichsel *

    Johnna Bixenman

    Anna Blackford *

    Coltier Blakely *

    Deanna Blickhan *

    Todd Bowdish

    Sheila Bradley *

    Katelyn Brandkamp *

    Rich Bright *

    Brad Brockmeier *

    Susan Burden *

    Pat Burke *

    David Byland *

    April Camden *

    David Caples *

    Mark Chambers *

    Kristina Chesher

    Matt Crist *

    Shannon Crist *

    Rhonda Curtis *

    Dorinda Dameron *

    Valerie Darst *

    Stacy Donald *

    Shelli Dougherty *

    Cindy Droege *

    Ron Dulany *

    Mary Easley

    Kimberly Erwin *

    Jo Fey *

    Jackie Fischer *

    Artie Fowler

    Michelle Frey *

    Regina Fusselman

    Tarasa Gardner *

    Virginia Gebhardt

    Jeanie Gelski *

    Lisa Gentner

    Paula Glover *

    Jill Gossen

    James Grant

    Caroline Groves *

    Amy Hager *

  • Darrell Hampsten

    Kristine Hayes *

    Meghan Holleran *

    Erika Holzinger (VanHouten) *

    Ryan House *

    Tina Hying

    Carla Imgarten *

    Henry Imler *

    David Isgrig *

    Amy Johns *

    Michael Johnson *

    Wendy Johnson *

    Ruth Jones

    Bill Justus *

    Donna Kessler *

    Nancy Ketchum *

    Nicole King *

    Allison Kleiber *

    Gopal Krishna *

    Andrew Kropf *

    Jeff Lashley *

    Jenny Laughlin *

    Felicia Leach *

    Heather Lowery *

    Jill Mackey *

    Charlotte Maddox *

    Lloyd Marchant

    Beth Marchbanks *

    Sandy Marek *

    Michele McCall *

    Scott McGarvey *

    Suzi McGarvey *

    Donnie Meador

    Laura Mertens *

    Lori Miller-Acton *

    Amanda Moore *

    Jocelyn Neal *

    Semi Necibi *

    Terry Nelson

    Ann Ostermann *

    Susan Owen

    Jan Palliser

    Richard Palliser

    Ann Parks *

    Dustin Pascoe *

    Greg Pauley *

    Joyce Pauley *

    Katherine Peavler *

    David Pence *

    Julie Perkins *

  • Marcus Perkins *

    Lori Perry *

    Woodrow Petrovic *

    Tiffany Plotner *

    Willa Jean Richards

    Tammy Richardson

    Pat Riely *

    Rebecca Riley *

    Jane Roads *

    Wayne Robbins *

    Morgan Rockett

    Eric Ross *

    Sara Sapp

    Michelle Scanavino *

    Dawn Schmidt *

    Amy See *

    Elizabeth Shuler

    Jamie Skubic

    Pat Smith *

    Gary Steffes *

    Michele Stornello

    Tom Stuck *

    Denesia Sullivan *

    Scott Taylor *

    Sherry Todd *

    Susan Townsend *

    Becky Treu *

    Shauna Tuggle *

    Barbie Underwood *

    Gil Verser

    Lucas Volkman *

    Angela Walker *

    Candice Walker *

    Nathan Walker *

    Danny Ward *

    Peggy Webb

    Amy Weimer *

    Andrea Weingartner

    Karen Werner *

    Shane Weseloh *

    Rita Wheeler *

    Heather Wilburn *

    Ellen Williams *

    Robert Williams

    Chad Wilson *

    Amy Wise *

    Kim Woods *

    Sheri Wunderlich

    Kristine Zauke *

*Elected automatic membership renewal
^MCCA only

Moberly Area Community College Association


The Missouri Community College Association (MCCA) is the only professional education organization dedicated to serving the public community colleges at the state and national level on issues affecting community colleges. A strong, active participation is necessary to accomplish the goals of MCCA. Membership is open to all community college employees, retirees, trustees, and anyone else with an interest in supporting community colleges.

Participation in MACCA (also known as the "local association") provides opportunities for faculty and staff to become acquainted on a social and professional level. Each year, members are given the opportunity to serve on committees and build teamwork and friendship throughout the association. Membership is open to all MCCA members.

View this short video for instructions on becoming a member or renewing your membership in MCCA and MACCA: https://vimeo.com/225477531

To join or renew your membership, click here: https://mcca.memberclicks.net/membership. First enter your email address to see if it is already in their database.

2017-18 MACCA Officers and Committees


MACCA Officers

  • Shandra Clark, President
  • Becky Treu, Vice President
  • Lori Perry, Secretary
  • Tammy Richardson, Treasurer


Association Committee Members

Courtesy Committee - acknowledges the association members' needs for support and/or celebration of personal events.
  • Lori Perry, Chair
  • Front Desk Staff at all Locations

Legislative Committee - members are expected to keep aware of issues in the Missouri State Legislature that address community college's funding and to relay this information to association members.
  • Katelyn Brandkamp, Chair
  • Brandi Glover
  • Mark Chambers
  • Mary Fine
  • Amy Evans
  • Sara Sapp
  • Matt Crist

Membership Committee - serves primarily to recruit and maintain membership records as well as to promote participation in MACC activities.
  • Ann Parks, Chair
  • MACCA Officers

Professional Rights and Responsibilities Committee - serves to answer questions about issues of professional ethics and/or obligations regarding possible grievances by MACC faculty and staff.
  • No current members

Salary Committee - meets to discuss issues concerning salary and benefits for MACC faculty and staff.
  • No current members

Social Committee - plans college-wide activities to encourage fellowship among MACC faculty and staff.
  • Amy Weimer, Co-Chair
  • Rita Wheeler, Co-Chair
  • Gopal Krishna
  • Kelly Chittum
  • Tami Sells
  • Rebecca Allen
  • Alese Thompson
  • Pat Burke
  • Jenny Laughlin
  • Regina Fusselman
  • Tina Hying
  • Michelle Kribbs
  • Cindy Meyer
  • Donna Monnig       

MACCA Constitution



This organization shall be known as the Moberly Area Community College Association.


Section 1 To maintain a close organization of the teaching faculty, certified and classified support staff, and administrators of the Moberly Area Community College, thus bringing about a greater unity of action and advancing the ideals and standards of academic life.

Section 2 To promote within the Association the highest type of professional practice; to encourage active participation of all members; and to foster a genuine spirit of professional ethics.

Section 3 To promote the general welfare of the members and to secure community understanding, appreciation, and support.

Section 4 To stimulate a spirit of cooperation and friendship among members of the Association.

ARTICLE III – Membership

All members of the teaching faculty, certified and classified support staff, and administrators who are active members of the Missouri Community College Association are eligible for membership.

ARTICLE IV – Officers

Section 1 The officers of this Association shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer. The vice-president shall succeed to the presidency. These officers shall serve for one year.

Section 2 There shall be an executive committee which shall consist of the current officers of the Association and the retiring president.

ARTICLE V – Election of Officers

Section 1 Nominations for the officers of vice-president, secretary and treasurer may be made through a nomination committee and from the floor.

Section 2 Officers shall be elected at an annual meeting to be held during April. Officers shall take office at the last meeting of the term in which they are elected.

Section 3 In case of a vacancy in the office of president, the vice-president shall fill the vacancy, and the position of vice-president shall be filled by executive committee appointment. The appointed vice-president shall not automatically succeed to the presidency, and a president shall be elected at the next annual election.

ARTICLE VI – Duties of the Officers

Section 1 The president shall preside at all meeting of the Association and of the executive committee. The president shall appoint all necessary committees with the approval of the executive committee and designate the chairperson and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2 The vice-president shall assume all duties of the president in his/her absence or resignation. The vice-president shall automatically become president at the end of the term as vice-president.

Section 3 The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the association and make them available to all members, process all correspondence and keep a record thereof and maintain a mailing list of all members.

Section 4 The treasurer shall have charge of all funds in the name of the Association and shall disperse as authorized by the Moberly Area Community College Association. Furthermore, the treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of all dues.

ARTICLE VII – Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Association by a majority vote provided that a copy of the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the executive committee. The proposed amendment will then be submitted to each member at least thirty days prior to any action taken.


LAW I – Rules of Order

The proceedings of this Association shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

LAW II – Funds

Annual dues of the Association will be determined and assessed at the first fall meeting. Active membership is contingent upon payment of annual dues.

LAW III – Quorum

A quorum for all meetings of the Association shall consist of a majority of active members and a quorum for committee meetings shall consist of a majority of members of the committee.

LAW IV – Executive Committee

The meetings of the executive committee shall be held at the call of the president or the call of the majority of the members of the executive committee.

LAW V – Committees

Section 1 The standing committees of the Association will be: Salary, Professional Rights and Responsibilities, Legislative, Courtesy, and Social.

Section 2 The number of committee members of the standing committees will be determined by the president.

Section 3 Special committees may be appointed by the president when deemed necessary.

LAW VI – Meetings

Meetings of the Association will be held a minimum of once each semester with additional meetings called at the discretion of the president.