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We are now macc.edu



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Nomination Form for MACC Staff Excellence Award

The MACC Staff Excellence Award recognizes exemplary performance by a staff member who consistently excels in his or her position, provides superior service, and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to MACC's values and mission. Each staff member plays a vital role in achieving MACC's mission of empowering students and enriching communities. As such, this award provides an opportunity to recognize a staff member's outstanding dedication that goes above and beyond ordinary duty.

The MACC Staff Excellence Award will be given annually to one or two full-time MACC staff members who best demonstrate superior service and dedication to MACC's mission.

Eligibility: Staff members must have been employed for at least one year before the deadline for nominations. Staff members cannot have received this award in the last four years. Teaching should not make up the majority of the nominee’s job duties.


Please list your MACC Staff nominee below and include a short statement supporting your choice. 


All nominations to be considered shall be submitted no later than April 14, 2017




Supporting statement of your nomination (limited to fifty words):

Optional: Nomination made by (check one of the following):