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Emergency Medical Technician

Course Descriptions

EMT 100 Basic Emergency Medical Technician 7-0-7
This course emphasizes emergency medical services in a job-related context. Recognition of the nature and categorizing the seriousness of patients’ illnesses/ injuries, administration of appropriate care, and the movement or handling of patients are included. State certification examinations are taken after completion of the course. Current CPR certification is required. (FA)

EMT 101 Emergency Medical Technician Re-entry 3.5-2-3.5
This course provides instruction to facilitate the re-licensure of emergency medical personnel. The state re-licensure exam is a requirement of the course. Current CPR and EMT certifications are required. (FA)

EMT 200: Advanced Emergency Medical Technician 9-10-12
The Advanced Emergency Medical Technician course prepares successful students to provide emergency, prehospital medical care to individuals who have sustained potentially life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Instruction includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical experiences to prepare students for a role in emergency care. The coursework follows the National Standard curriculum developed by the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and provides the foundation for future progression into a paramedic certificate training program. Successful completion of EMT200 qualifies students to take the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) examination. Prerequisites: Student must be licensed as a Basic Emergency Medical Technician with the State of Missouri and have current BLS certification. (SP)