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Associate of Applied Science - Graphic Arts Technology

The Graphic Arts Technology program prepares tech-savvy students for the multitude of positions available in the graphic arts industry. Students who enroll in this program gain competencies in various graphic related technologies that support the production and manipulation of graphic and text content. Much of the curriculum is devoted to the hands-on, practical use of image manipulation and image creation software to produce a wide variety of projects such as flyers, posters and T-shirts. Graduates also walk away with an understanding of how to work with different file formats, document preparation and image development for a designated workflow. MACC also offers a 32 credit hour certificate and a Certificate of Specialization option in this field.

Academic Map

This academic map is a semester-by-semester schedule of courses based upon the AAS degree requirements as outlined in the academic catalog. In order for you to graduate in two years, specific milestones, courses and other requirements (e.g. prerequisites) must be met in a timely manner. Additionally, keep in mind this map does not substitute for academic advisement. If you have questions, see your advisor and refer to the MACC website for current information. Finally, enrolling for courses during the summer session is an option and can reduce your regular course load and allow you to stay on track to graduate in two years.


Course Semester Hours Milestone
  First Semester (Fall)
 ART105 or
 2-Dimensional Design or
 3-Dimensional Design
 CIT123  Macintosh: Use & Troubleshooting 3  
 GRA100  Orientation to Graphic Arts 1  
 GRA110  Graphic Arts I 3  
 LAL101  ^Composition I 3  LAL101
 SKL101  College Orientation 1  SKL101
 SPK101  Public Speaking 3  
  Second Semester (Spring)
 ART101 or
 Art Survey & Appreciation I or
 Art Survey & Appreciation II
 BUS150 or
 ^Business Communication or
 ^Composition II
 CIT140  Introduction to HTML/Web Page Design 1  
 GRA120  ^Graphic Arts II 3  
 GRA215 or
 ^Advanced Illustrator or
 ^Advanced Photoshop
 GRA235  ^Product Design 3  
  Third Semester (Fall)
 BOA152 or
 ^Business Math/Electronic Calculations or
 ^College Algebra
 GRA210  ^Graphic Arts III 3  
 GRA225  Digital-Media Development 3  
 GRA245  ^Pre-Press Production 3  
 HST105 or
 American History to 1865 or
 Functions & Policies of American Government
  Fourth Semester (Spring)
   Biological or Physical Science (with lab) 4-5  
   Directed Elective** 3  
 GRA255  Screen Printing 3  
 GRA290  ^Portfolio Development 3  
 SKL250 or
 Employment Seminar or
 ^Graphic Arts Internship
  Total Hours for Degree 62-64  

*It is strongly recommended that students successfully complete the Milestone courses as planned on the academic map to ensure completion of the degree in two years. In addition, if students do not successfully complete the Milestone course(s), they are strongly encouraged to re-enroll in the course(s) the following semester.

 ^Please refer to the course descriptions for pre/co-requisite and placement information. You can only register for these courses if you have met the prerequisite, placed into the course and/or enroll in the co-requisite course(s).


**Directed Electives:

ART100 Color Theory -- 3
ART'105 2-Dimensional Design -- 3
ART'112 3-Dimensional Design -- 3
GRA102 Graphics Software -- 3
GRA215 Advanced Illustrator -- 3
GRA216 Advanced Photoshop -- 3
GRA295 Graphics Arts Internship -- 2-6
ART130 Beginning Printmaking -- 3
ART135 Digital Photography -- 3
ART136 Introduction to Video -- 3
ART221 Black and White Photography I -- 3
CIT145 Web Design I -- 3
MKT105 Principles of Marketing -- 3
MKT250 Entrepreneurship -- 3

***The art course (ART105 or ART112) that is not taken as a required course may be taken as a directed elective option.