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MACC Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Program


The purpose of the Moberly Area Community College Foundation’s Faculty/Staff Mini-Grants program is to support faculty and staff by funding innovative and creative projects that would not normally be provided for in the operating budget of the College. Mini-grant projects should enrich standard curriculum and directly enhance learning opportunities for students of Moberly Area Community College.

Grant Awards

Up to four mini-grants will be awarded per semester and may vary in amount. The Committee may award the budgeted amount available, as application need requires. One grant may be funded using the entire semester’s budget, if so determined by the Committee. Faculty and staff may apply for more than one grant per semester but each application must reflect a different project. A person may be awarded more than one grant but the total award may not exceed $1,500 in any twenty-four month period. An individual as well as a team or department working together may apply for a grant, but the maximum grant awarded will be $1500 for a specific project.


Any full-time faculty or certified/classified staff member currently employed by Moberly Area Community College is eligible for a mini-grant. Adjunct faculty may submit proposals in conjunction with full-time faculty or staff or with their supervisor’s approval. Examples of eligible projects include equipment, software, research, supplemental materials, enrichment tools, speakers, professional development, and creative projects.


  • Mini-grant projects must directly impact student learning and/or assist staff in operating their departments more efficiently.
  • The program is not intended to provide on-going support. Ordinarily, this is a one-time funding opportunity.
  • Tangible items purchased with the grant funds become the property of Moberly Area Community College.
  • This grant is not intended to fund projects, materials or travel that are normally part of an instructor or staff member’s budget.


  • The mini-grants will be awarded twice a year for the fall and spring semester under the guidance of the MACC Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Committee. Mini-grants are not awarded for the summer semester.
  • An official application must be submitted to the MACC Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini Grant Committee by the following deadline dates:


March 3 Spring Semester Grants Awarded by April 7
October 1 Fall Semester Grants Awarded by November 1


  • At the completion of the project, a detailed summary report and photographs, where practical, must be submitted to the MACC Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini Grant Committee.



Submit the original application via the Foundation Mini-grant online form.

Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Online Application

Project Title:
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Campus Site:
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Supervisor name:
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Contact Address:
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Contact Phone:
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Total Funds Requested:
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Date of Grant Implementation (MM/DD/YYYY):
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Date of Grant Completion (MM/DD/YYYY):
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The Proposal

Provide a complete description and the key objectives of your project. Be specific and include answers to the following questions. (300 words or less)

  • What is the project?
  • Why is this project needed?
  • How will this project impact student learning?
  • What is the long-term benefit to the College?
  • What activities will be conducted as a result of your project?
  • Will other MACC staff benefit from the project? How?
  • What is the proposed timeline for completion of the project?
Invalid Input


  • Indicate total funds needed and a budget breakdown. Be specific with your request. Consider and include all expenses (phone calls, additional personnel, supplies, shipping costs, photocopies, etc.) If your request is not for materials and/or equipment, include appropriate information such as honorariums, cost of speaker, etc.
  • Include the total cost of your project
  • Include the total funds requested and/or received from other sources
  • Please include a bid if this proposal is for equipment.
Invalid Input

Why can this proposal not be funded from other College sources?

Invalid Input

If this grant could only be partially funded this year, what would be the minimum budget needed?

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If partially funded, which components of the grant could be accomplished?

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Project Evaluation

Do you have plans to continue this project after the grant period?

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If yes, please address how you will provide continuing support.

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Describe the method that will be used to evaluate the success of this project. Please be specific. (If awarded a grant, a summary report must be submitted).

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Additional comments

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By submitting this proposal, the applicant agrees to abide by the stipulations of this grant and to submit a summary report within 90 days of the completion of this project. Grant recipient’s name, project information and picture may be publicized.