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Architectural & Mechanical Design

Course Descriptions

AMD 101 Engineering Design 2-2-3
This course introduces students to technical drawing components and the ASME standards associated therein. Topics covered include orthographic projections, dimensioning and notes, sectional views, auxiliary views, Assembly drawings, isometric drawings, tolerancing, threads and fasteners, along with drafting conventions and standards associated with technical drawings. Students are introduced to the components of a technical drawing while gaining an introduction to 2D drawing software.

AMD 102 Technical Drawing 2-2-3
Technical Drawing is a continuation of Engineering Drawing. The student is expected to build on the skills previously acquired and acquire new skills in the areas of working drawings and details. Comprehensive drawings will be assigned that utilize the students’ acquired skills and knowledge of drafting conventions and the operation of CAD. Assignments will be completed on the computer and plotted for grading. This class is primarily a mechanical design class. Prerequisites: AMD101 and AMD112. (SP) Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT102.

AMD 110 Industrial Print Reading: CPT 2  2-2-3
This course covers how to read blueprints, diagrams, and symbols commonly found in the industrial maintenance setting. Topics include use of measuring tools, shop math review, orthographic projections, auxiliary views, lines, surfaces, and title blocks. Additional topics covered are dimensions and tolerances, sectional views, pictorial drawings and specifications, welding prints, instrumentation and control fluid power diagrams, tables, and symbols used in industrial mechanical maintenance. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be certified in Module 2, Quality Practices and Measurement, with the nationally-recognized Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Production Technician certificate. The student can receive the full Certified Production Technician (CPT) certificate upon successful completion of IND100, IND101, and AMD110. (FA)

AMD 112 Computer-Aided Design I 2-2-3
CAD I is an introductory computerized drafting course using CAD software. Software is used to create, modify, store, and manage drawings and related files. Students will have extensive hands-on instruction using microcomputers, printers, plotters, and CAD software.Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT112.

AMD 211 Computer Aided Design II 2-2-3
AMD211 is a continuation of computerized drafting using CAD software. The course includes advanced features of software and an introduction to 3D drawings. Students will have extensive hands-on instruction using microcomputers, printers, plotters, and CAD software. Prerequisite: AMD112. (SP) Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT211.

AMD 223 Civil Engineering Design 2-2-3
This course is an introduction to civil drafting technology in order to provide the student with theories, concepts, and skills that form the foundation work done by civil engineering companies. Prerequisite: AMD112 or instructor approval. Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT223.

AMD 225 Architectural Design I 2-2-3
This course will build on skills acquired in beginning drafting classes. The student will utilize CAD equipment and software in a thorough study of all aspects of residential construction: space requirements, materials and methods of construction, ecotecture, mechanical and electrical, non-conventional construction, building codes, and cost estimating. Prerequisite: AMD112 or instructor approval. Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT225.

AMD 226 Architectural Design II 2-2-3
Architectural CAD II is a continuation of Architectural CAD I. The student will learn residential electrical applications, plumbing, climate control, new products and methods of construction, and perspective and presentation drawings, along with career opportunities in the architectural field. Students will utilize CAD in adding these components to house plans. Prerequisite: AMD225. Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT226.

AMD 227 Architectural Design III 2-2-3
This course has been designed to give the student an introduction to essential commands and features of architectural software. The student will gain knowledge and experience with examples and applications of commands for development of both residential and commercial buildings. Prerequisite: AMD226 or instructor approval. (SP) Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT227.

AMD 228 Structural Design 2-2-3
TThis course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the tools, experience and confidence needed to succeed in a structural consulting engineering firm and/or architectural/ engineering firm as a structural technician. The students will gain an understanding of proper structural drafting and design techniques involving steel, wood, and concrete. Prerequisites: AMD112 and MTH130. (FA) Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT228.

AMD 232 Architectural and Mechanical Design Capstone Project 2-2-3
This course will introduce the theory and practical applications of project management. The student will develop, plan, manage, and present a final project. The student will be required to develop a complete set of professional-quality working drawings in conjunction with the application of project management. A portfolio of the student’s completed work from all other courses will be developed and presented with the final project. Prerequisites: AMD223, AMD226, and AMD228. Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT232.

AMD 250 Design Concepts 2-2-3
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of design concepts and processes involved in developing a sound product. The student will participate in solving design problems following the proper process and documenting their solutions as they develop a product. The student will understand the tools needed to develop an efficient design process regardless of the product being developed. Products will be designed utilizing 3D Models which will then be developed into prototypes. Prerequisites: MTH130 or MTH140, AMD101, and AMD211. (SP) Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT250.

AMD 295 Architectural and Mechanical Design Internship 0-(6-18)-(2-6)
This course is designed to provide students real-life work experiences through on-thejob training with a field-related cooperating employer in the student’s declared major. Students will be supervised by the business/industry sponsor and report to the Director of Career and Technical Programs or assigned faculty member. The position may be paid or unpaid. Students must complete a minimum of 45 contact hours per credit hour per semester. Course is variable credits and may be repeated for up to six credit hours. Prerequisites: Minimum of 30 credit hours, with at least 18 credits of core classes in the program area, 2.50 GPA, and/or approval from the Dean of Workforce Development and Technical Education or Director of Career and Technical Programs.

AMD 299 Special Studies in Architectural and Mechanical Design (1 to 6)-0-(1 to 6)
This course will consist of specialized study in areas of the department which are not covered in-depth in courses already offered. Students may take no more than 6 credit hours of special studies in any one discipline. (IN) Prior to fall 2015, this course was listed as DDT299.