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Conditions for Graduation

Medical Laboratory Technician

To meet the requirements for graduation from MACC, a student must meet the requirements of the degree and the following:

  1. Complete 21 of the last 30 hours applicable to the degree program in residence at Moberly Area Community College (these last 21 hours must be 100-level courses or higher), OR complete 3 semesters of attendance AND a minimum of 45 hours applicable to the degree program at Moberly Area Community College,
  2. Have a total of 70 hours of credit for the MLT program,
  3. Earn a grade of “C” or above in all required courses that are part of the MLT curriculum,
  4. Submit an application for graduation,
  5. Complete the WorkKeys assessment before or during the last semester of enrollment prior to completion of a degree at Moberly Area Community College,
  6. Participate in graduation ceremonies (requests to be excused from commencement ceremonies will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Services), and
  7. Pay in full all fees due to Moberly Area Community College.

MACC's MLT program has a 90.5% graduation rate since 2011 for students who are entering the 2nd half of the professional program.