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Library Guide - Webcat/Mobius

MACC Webcat/Mobius Library Guide

Searching online and requesting books

MACC Webcat is our online catalog of materials. It includes all books, A/V materials, and EBSCOhost ebooks owned by MACC. To access it, go to the library homepage, and click the MACC WebCat link. You will see this:


There are links to Library Home (back to previous page), My Library Account (details about this later), Course Reserves, and Help. We do not use the Course Reserve link at MACC. The Help link goes through information about searching.


Over on the right-hand side you can see some of the Search Options:

  • Advanced Keyword
  • Journals, Magazines,
  • Subject (LC=Library of Congress)
    Medical Subject
    Children's Subject


If you click on the box in the middle of the screen that says Keyword, you find some other options, including LC or Dewey Call Number, Local Call Number, SuDoc Number, Standard Number, and OCLC Number.

Whatever you choose to search for, you will see both physical and electronic books in your results. If you would like to only search for physical books choose Advanced Keyword and then choose Books/Journals as material format. If you are looking for electronic books, go directly to eBrary or EBSCOhost Ebooks.



On the right, I’ve done a search for Books/Journals with the keyword Science Fiction. With this search, I got 158 results throughout MACC campuses. Note that I did not put quotation marks around science fiction, which means it searched for both words, not the phrase. This is OK, because what I want to show you is visible from the first 3 results.


The first result is The Science Fiction Handbook. Without clicking on anything I can see this book's location (MACC stacks), the Call #, and its Status (which is available). MACC Stacks means that it is located on the main campus. This book has a request hyperlink, so I could request that this book be sent to Columbia.

The 2nd result says it is MACC Ref, meaning it is a reference book on the main campus. Reference books cannot leave campus, meaning if I wanted this book, I would need to travel to Moberly to look at it, so there is no request hyperlink.

The 3rd result says it has two copies. 1 copy says that it is located at MACC Colc Stacks. This means that it is located here! If you were looking for this book, you would simply need to walk over to the bookshelves (in the lower level resource room) and pick it up off the shelf. However, if the book was already checked out from the Columbia location, you might want to request it from the main campus. Here is how requesting works:


After clicking Request, this screen will appear:


You will need to type in:

  • your name
  • your campus ID Code (student id # expanded to 8 digits with zeroes on the left and macc at the end, EXAMPLE: your id is 123456, so you'll enter 00123456macc
  • a PIN (a number you create to access your account in the future)

Once you hit submit, you will receive a confirmation page that your item is requested, and you will also be able to view the book in your library account.



To see your library account online, click on My Library Account on the MACC WebCat homepage. You can log in and see books that have been requested and due dates for books checked out, and you can renew your library books. Please note that items can't be renewed if they are past due.


OK, but what if I can't get the book through MACCWebCat?

We own about 20,000 titles across all of our campuses, which isn't a lot, so, if you don't find what you are looking for in MACC WebCat, you can search Mobius, which is a state-wide consortium of academic libraries. There are approximately 10 million titles located in libraries from around the state, including 65 academic libraries, the state library, and many public libraries. Generally, a Mobius book will take 3-5 business days to reach us, but it depends on where the book is coming from.

When your book arrives, you will be able to pick it up at the Circulation desk. You will receive an email when it arrives in Moberly. The book then has to travel here.

If you received the email on The book should be here
Monday Tuesday @ 3PM
Tuesday or Wednesday Thursday @ 3PM
Thursday or Friday Monday @ 3PM

Mobius includes clusters of libraries. We are part of the Lance cluster. Lance includes Culver-Stockton, Hannibal-LaGrange, A.T. Still University-Missouri, Linn State Technical College, and Truman State University. If a book you would like to borrow is located in one of these libraries, it will travel faster within the state. However, for Columbia students, if the book is located at one of the local colleges, you can get the book much faster.

If the book is located at Stephens College, Columbia College, or MU, the patron is able to travel to that library and check the book out with their MACC photo ID. Once they are done with the book, they can return it to us, and we will return it to the library. Basically, any Mobius book can be picked up at any Mobius library and returned to any Mobius library. It's a nice system!

Note: DBRL is NOT part of Mobius, so we cannot return DBRL books.

To search Mobius, you can click the Mobius link at the top of the MACCWebCat page, the link within the search results of MACCWebCat, the item record of MACCWebCat, or the Mobius icon on the library homepage!

Once there, you'll notice that the search box and options for searching are fairly identical to the ones for MACCWebCat. There are a few additional search options and explanations for what Mobius is.

Like before, I did an advanced search for science fiction, limiting it to only books/journals. Here is a screen shot of my results page:

Remember that I only received 158 results in MACCWebCat, but here I have 17,191. Also notice how it did not weed out the e-books from my results. You also don't get as much information on the first page as with MACCWebCat. You will need to click on the title of the item you are interested in to find more information.



The record will have lots of information in it:

The record includes a picture of the book (if available), the locations of available copies, a summary of the book (if available), a description of the physical book, and even a table of contents (again, if available). If you want this book, there is a large request button. This will prompt you to login and fill in the very same information that is used to request books from other MACC campuses. Similarly, books requested through Mobius will show up in your library account which can tell you if the books are in transit or are ready to be picked up.