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Associate of Applied Science - Business Administration

As businesses continue to streamline, demand for professionals with a Business Administration degree and an understanding of core business concepts is expected to increase. If you have an interest in the field of business, the Business Administration degree is your first step where you’ll receive a solid foundation of principles for today’s demanding business world.  In this degree, students learn to communicate more effectively in the business environment; integrate skills from a number of disciplines including accounting, marketing, economics, business law, and management; utilize practical, modern applications of computers; and exercise critical thinking methods to identify and solve problems.

Academic Map

This academic map is a suggested semester-by-semester schedule of courses based upon the AAS degree requirements as outlined in the academic catalog. In order for you to graduate in two years, specific milestones, courses and other requirements (e.g. prerequisites) must be met in a timely manner. Additionally, keep in mind this map does not substitute for academic advisement. If you have questions, see your advisor and refer to the MACC website for current information. Finally, enrolling for courses during the summer session is an option and can reduce your regular course load and allow you to stay on track to graduate in two years.



  First Semester    
 ACC101  Elementary Accounting I 3  
 BOA261  Spreadsheet Applications Using Microsoft Excel (Accounting Only) 3  
 BUS100  Introduction to Business 3  
 CIT101 or
 Computer Essentials or
 Introduction to Information Technology
 LAL101  ^Composition I 3  LAL101
 MKT105  Principles of Marketing (Management & Marketing Only) 3  
 SKL101  College Orientation 1  SKL101
  Second Semester    
 ACC102  ^Elementary Accounting II 3  
   Biological or Physical Science 3  
 BUS112  Principles of Management 3  
   Emphasis Area Elective**** 3  
 BOA152** or
 MTH140 or
 ^Business Math/Electronic Calculations** or
 ^Precalculus Algebra or
 ^Elementary Statistics
3  BOA152** or
 MTH140 or
  Third Semester    
 ACC110 or
 Personal Finance or
 Spreadsheet Applications Using Microsoft Excel (Management & Marketing Only)
 BUS120  Business Law I 3  
 BUS150  ^Business Communication 3  
 ECN101  Macroeconomics 3  
 SPK101  Public Speaking 3  
   Emphasis Area Elective**** 3  
  Fourth Semester    
 ACC110  Personal Finance (Accounting Only) 3  
 ECN102  ^Microeconomics (Management & Marketing Only)*** 3  
 PSC105 or
 HST105 or
 Functions & Policies of American Government or
 American History to 1865 or
 American History from 1865
 MKT105 or
 Principles of Marketing or
 ^Microeconomics (Accounting Only)***
   Humanities 3  
 SKL250 or
 ACC295 or
 ^Employment Seminar or
 ^Accounting Intership or 
 ^Business Administration Internship
   Emphasis Area Electives**** 6  
  Total Hours for Degree 65-66  


*It is strongly recommended that students successfully complete the Milestone courses as planned on the academic map to ensure completion of the degree in two years. In addition, if students do not successfully complete the Milestone course(s), they are strongly encouraged to re-enroll in the course(s) the following semester.

**Students who do not plan to transfer to a four-year institution can take BOA152 Business Math/Electronic Calculations in place of MTH140 Precalculus Algebra or MTH160 Elementary Statistics. Students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should take MTH140 Precalculus Algebra or MTH160 Elementary Statistics (check with your advisor and transfer institution).

***It is recommended that students take both ECN101 Macroeconomics and ECN102 Microeconomics at MACC if they are planning to transfer to a four-year college.

^Please refer to the course descriptions for pre/co-requisite and placement information. You can only register for these courses if you have met the prerequisite, placed into the course and/or enroll in the co-requisite course(s).


****Emphasis Area Electives

Students choose one of the following emphasis areas and complete all four courses listed.


ACC210 Federal Income Tax Accounting
ACC211 Managerial Accounting
ACC214 Computerized Accounting Applications Using QuickBooks
ACC218 Payroll Accounting


BOA264 Database Management Using Microsoft Access
BUS113 Human Relations in Management
BUS121 Business Law II
BUS250 Business Opportunity Analysis


BUS121 Business Law II
BUS250 Business Opportunity Analysis
GRA110 Graphic Arts I or
GRA102 Graphics Software
MKT110 Advertising