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Associate of Science - Social/Behavioral Science Electives


Select One Courses from the list:

ECN 101 Macroeconomics 3-0-3
This course includes a study of basic concepts relating to supply, demand, business organization, income, taxation, money and banking, consumption, and savings and investment. This course applies these concepts and their interrelationships to such problems as the general level of economic activity, employment and unemployment, inflation and monetary and fiscal policies, and economic growth and development.

ECN 102 Microeconomics 3-0-3
ECN 102 is a description and analysis of the behavior of households and business firms in the economy. The course includes the analysis of supply and demand, price and output determination in competitive and noncompetitive markets, cost of production of goods and services, resource markets, economic institutions, and international trade. A suggested course sequence: ECN 101 prior to ECN 102.

GEO 101 World Geography I 3-0-3
GEO 101 is a survey of conditions in Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, South Asia, and Japan, emphasizing each region’s importance to the world as a whole. The physical, cultural, and economic characteristics of each region are included.

GEO 102 World Geography II 3-0-3
GEO 102 is a continuation of regional studies of the world with emphasis on physical, cultural, and economic characteristics in the regions of East Asia, the Pacific Islands, Latin America, the United States, and Canada. (SP))

HST 101 Western Civilization I 3-0-3
This introductory course acquaints students with Western heritage, beginning with a study of the early Middle Eastern civilizations of Mesopotamia and progressing through the civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Europe of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation. The political, economic, social, cultural, and religious aspects of each of these cultures are examined.

HST105 American History to 1865 3-0-3
This course is a survey of the economic, social, and diplomatic aspects of the United States from 1492 to the Civil War. A study of the federal and Missouri constitutions is included.

PSC 105: Functions & Policies of American Government 3-0-3
This course covers the study of national government, including its organization, functions, and policies. Detailed attention is given to the policy-making process and to the roles of various government functions. Attempts are made to relate government to everyday life. The course identifies major problems of American society affecting the policy-making process. A study of the federal and Missouri constitutions is included in this course. (FA, SP)

PSC 150: International Relations 3-0-3
PSC 150 is a study of contemporary international affairs, including the family of nations; the control of national foreign policies; and competition and cooperation in the legal, political, economical, and social fields. (IN)

PSY 101: General Psychology 3-0-3
This course is an introduction to the nature and scope of the field of psychology as a scientific and human endeavor. Focus is on the historic development of the field; biological and developmental processes; consciousness and perceptions; learning, remembering, and thinking; motivation and emotion; personality and individuality; social behavior; stress and coping; and psychopathology and psychotherapy. (FA, SP, SU)

SOC 101: Sociology 3-0-3
Sociology is a scientific study of society and the interaction between society and its human environment. Emphasis is on an explanation of the importance of values and norms and their significance in the development of attitudes and resulting social behavior. Course includes such concepts as social organization and culture, socialization, institutions, and collective behavior. (FA, SP, SU)