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Architectural & Mechanical Design Certificate of Specialization

Academic Map

The Certificate of Specialization in Architectural & Mechanical Design provides the student with basic drafting and Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills to enable the graduate to secure an entry-level position in the drafting/CAD field. Completion of this certificate may allow a student to gain employment in the field and work part-time while continuing either the Architectural & Mechanical Design 32 credit hour certificate or AAS degree.

Gainful Employment Disclosure


Course Required Courses
Hours Milestone*
 AMD101  Engineering Drawing 3  
 AMD102  Technical Drawing 3  
 AMD112  Computer-Aided Design I 3  
   Directed Electives (See Below) 3  
 IND107  Machinery's Handbook 3  
 SKL101  College Orientation 1  SKL101
  Directed Electives (select one course)
 AMD211  ^Computer-Aided Design II 3  
 AMD223  ^Civil Engineering Design 3  
 AMD225  ^Architectural Design I 3  
 AMD228  ^Structural Design 3  
  Total Hours for Certificate of Specialization 16  


*It is strongly recommended that students successfully complete the Milestone courses as planned on the academic map to ensure completion of the certificate of specialization in a timely manner. In addition, if students do not successfully complete the Milestone course(s), they are strongly encouraged to re-enroll in the course(s) the following semester.

^Please refer to the course descriptions for pre/co-requisite and placement information. You can only register for these courses if you have met the prerequisite, placed into the course and/or enroll in the co-requisite course(s).