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Alumni Museum

The Moberly Area Community College Alumni Museum opened a year ago this February and has received much attention and praise from alumni groups and everyone else who has toured it.

It has become a “must” for class reunion tour groups who are amazed at how attractive it is and at the extent of memorabilia that is displayed there.

The current Museum was born of the vision of Dr. Evelyn Jorgenson, the MACC Board of Trustees, and the MACC Alumni Association. However, several years ago, the late Dean of Instruction, David Kropf, realizing the need to preserve College history, asked librarian, Valerie Darst, to start collecting memorabilia that has historical significance to the College.

Subsequently, when the idea began to take shape, there was a lot of material already accumulated waiting to be separated, catalogued and preserved. Responding to appeals, alums donated or lent the Museum some of their college memorabilia. Very often when alums visit the Museum, they realize that they have some things that would be of interest to others and need to be there, so they donate them.

The Alumni Museum is in former classroom #16 on the main floor of the Main Building on the Moberly campus. It is the result of much work by many people, including college administrators, staff members, and alums A dedication/reception was held February 16, 2007, and was attended by state and local dignitaries along with many alumni and other visitors.

Taking a brief walk through the Museum, as you come into the room, on the wall to the right, is the “Honoring the Past” history wall. There are six panels and each one depicts important events from a particular era in the College’s history, beginning with the 20's and 30's up to the present. This includes chronicling the Board of Trustees, the administration, building changes and additions, and evolvement of curriculum and student activities.

To the immediate right is a small wall dedicated to the football program from years ago complete with uniforms, photos and medals and trophies.

The wall that draws the most attention is the Greyhound sports wall. It takes up the entire wall to the left as you walk in. Among the items displayed there are Greyhound and cheerleader uniforms, pictures of former players and coaches, programs, medals, and many promotional items from past years.

At the east end of the room is information about the College including yearbooks, MACC Newsletters, student newspapers, and graduation programs, through which visitors can trace the progress of the College up to the present. There are also two comfortable chairs where guests can browse through any of the material displayed in the Museum.

On the wall directly across from the door, guests will find a lot of interesting material including a blue print of the original college building, programs from past drama and music presentations, and some writings by former faculty members. There also is a large photo display unit featuring photos of students and faculty and staff from the different decades.

This is only a very condensed version of what the Museum contains. If you have a little time and are in the mood to reminisce about your college days, just call the college switchboard at 263-4110, any time during the week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and let the receptionist know when you want to come. She will connect you with a member of the Library staff or the Alumni Office who will be happy to open it for you. If you know of a tour group who would like to visit the Museum during the week or on a weekend, let the MACC Library or the Alumni Office know, and it will be arranged.

The Museum accepts new memorabilia all the time. New items make it possible to change the displays and keep them interesting to those who have already been there. If you would be willing to lend an item, you can be assured that it will be well taken care of and can be returned at any time.

An idea that is taking shape now is to have several special exhibits during the year pertaining to specific areas such as drama, cheerleaders, etc. The first exhibit of this kind is tentatively being planned for April to coincide with the Alumni Banquet events.

For any other information concerning the Museum, tours, donated items, etc., call

Valerie Darst
660-263-4110 ext. 11244

Susan Arment
660-263-4110 ext. 11550