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Admission Process

Medical Laboratory Technician

Completed applications forms, official transcripts, and examination scores must be received in the office of the Coordinator for the Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program no later than March 31. Those students who meet all of the admission requirements will have their qualifications reviewed by an admission committee. The admission committee will make the decision to admit or not. The admission committee will consist of the Director of Allied Health, the Dean of Career and Technical Education, a representative of the Advanced Technology Center, a Student Services representative or a science instructor, at least 2 members of the MLT advisory committee, and the Program Coordinator.

Students are selected for admission into the program annually. Qualified students will be admitted to the program until May 31 or until the class is full. Qualified applicants not admitted for the current academic year will be placed on a waiting list. If no position becomes available, these applicants must reapply for the next academic year.

In the event of an unusual situation concerning an applicant, an admission committee will make the decision to admit or not. The admission committee will consist of the Director of Allied Health, the Dean of Career and Technical Education, a representative of the Advanced Technology Center, a Student Services representative or a science instructor, and the Program Coordinator.

Transfer students must meet the entrance requirement established for all MLT students, and they must have earned a grade of 78% or “C” in any transferring MLT coursework. Transfer students will be admitted to the MLT program on a space available basis.

Continuation in the program will be contingent upon completion of all general education courses listed in the fall and spring semester prior to the beginning of the sophomore year.

Moberly Area Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, and marital or parental status in admissions, programs and activities, and employment.

Obtain an application packet using the Application Packet tab to the left on the menu bar. The packet contains all the necessary paperwork to apply for the Medical Laboratory Technician Program. If accepted into the program, classes begin in the summer semester each year.

Please contact me with any further questions.

Alese Thompson MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Medical Laboratory Technician and Phlebotomy Program Coordinator
Advanced Technology Center
2900 Doreli Lane
Mexico, MO 65265
(573) 582-0817 x13624


For consideration, applicants must meet the above criteria and submit the following application forms:

  • MACC Application
  • ACT or COMPASS scores on file with MACC
  • Courses planned or in progress
  • MLT Program Application and Essay
  • Release of Information Form
  • Essential Qualifications Form NOTARIZED
  • Instructor Reference Form
  • Employer Reference Form
  • Other Reference Form
  • Transcript Request Form to include all official transcripts
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol Background Check ($13.00 Name Search) Form or Hard Copy Results
  • Background Check Advantage Request Form ($2.75 check or money order
    Made payable to: MACC for OIG background check)
  • Caregiver Background Screening Form
  • Complete Medical Exam Form from Physician

Reference Forms
In addition, please be advised that all reference forms must be returned to our office in a sealed envelope from the persons of your choosing. References should be from teachers, ministers or supervisors. No friends or relatives please. The Program uses these references to assess the candidate’s ability to work with others, personal integrity, honesty, initiative, and work ethic.

Transcript Request Form
Transcript Request form(s) sent to your high school and each college or university you have attended. Arrange for all transcripts to be sent to the Registrar. (The MLT Coordinator will ask the Registrar to supply her with copies of transcripts after the application due date).

Proof of the following immunizations are required:

  • Hepatitis B vaccine: There are three inoculations. Students must have at least begun the series;
  • Two MMR immunizations or positive titer;
  • Positive immune varicella titer or an immunization;
  • DPT inoculation series;
  • A 2-step TB test or documentation of having had two TB tests in two years or a T Spot test or a chest x-ray if a positive reaction has been documented;
  • Some sites may require an influenza vaccine; please be advised this might be necessary too, once your clinical site has been decided

MSHP Criminal Background Check
Send the completed Missouri State Highway Patrol Criminal Background Check, with $13.00 payment, directly to the Missouri State Highway Patrol (see address on the form). Send for the background check early because it may take up to six weeks to be completed and arrive in our office. For an additional $1.25 fee, a faster service option is available. The Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) may be accessed at www.machs.mshp.dps.mo.gov. If you select the online option, you will need to print and include the results with your application packet.

Office of Inspector General Background Check
Complete the MHA “Background Check Advantage” OIG form and send it to our office with cash, check or money order in the exact amount for $2.75; Made payable to: MACC for OIG background check. We will process this background check ourselves.

Caregivers Background Check
Fax or mail the Caregivers Background Screening to the fax number or address on the back of the form. Use “Option 4” in the bottom right hand corner as the correct fax number or mailing address. We can fax this form for you if you do not have access to a fax machine.

Drug Screen
Proof of a negative 14 panel drug screen must be received.

Additional Requirements
Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
ACT or Compass scores on file, if available.

After admission to the program and before the first day of class, applicants must submit to the Program Coordinator, a current medical exam (the form is available from the Program Coordinator) to verify that they are capable of meeting the essential requirements (cognitive, physical, and behavioral abilities) that are necessary for satisfactory completion of all aspects of the curriculum.