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Admission Criteria

Practical Nursing

If applying to the Moberly PN program, return forms to the Health Sciences Office. If applying to the Mexico PN program, return forms to the Nursing Administration Office at the Mexico Higher Education Center. If applying to the Columbia PN program, return forms to Julie Kiefer, PN coordinator, at the Columbia Area Career Center building on Providence road. These must be in your file prior to May 1.

  1. An applicant must successfully complete college level Human Anatomy/Lab with a “C” or above and Fundamentals of Math or equivalent or higher with a minimum grade of “C” or have a placement score for Intermediate Algebra or higher.
  2. MACC Application
  3. Practical Nursing Application
  4. Transcript from high school or GED sent to the Registrar at Moberly Area Community College.
  5. Transcripts from all colleges and any nursing school attended sent to the Registrar at Moberly Area Community College.
  6. TEAS exam composite score of 58% or greater.
  7. Accuplacer exam scores or ACT (ACT score must be current within the last 5 years).
  8. A completed Caregiver Background Screening form. (Mexico students are excluded from this requirement)
  9. A completed and notarized Missouri Nurse Practice Act (335.066) form.
  10. A completed and notarized Essential Qualifications form.
  11. A completed Release of Information form.
  12. A completed Criminal Background form that has been sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. (*** Please see note below related to on-line application option.)
  13. Three completed reference forms must be submitted. The individual score on each category must be no higher than a 2.0. These may not be completed by a personal friend, or relative. The reference forms will not be accepted if hand delivered. Reference forms should be mailed or faxed from the person providing the reference to the Health Sciences office. Obtain forms from the Health Sciences office. If the student has attended the MACC Associate Degree Nursing program within the last two years, one of the reference forms must be obtained from the Dean of Health Sciences.
  14. Health insurance is required for all Moberly nursing students.

***If you chose not to submit your criminal record check via traditional mail (as noted above), a faster service on-line option is present. The Missouri State Highway Patrol has implemented a new public website that allows users to submit and receive name-based criminal record checks on-line with payment using a credit/debit card. This service is called the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) and may be accessed at: www.machs.mshp.dps.mo.gov. If you select the on-line option, you will need to print and include the results with your application packet. The results must be present in your application packet by the designated admission deadline date. The cost of this background check will increase to $14.00 on January 1, 2019.

A weighted admission process is utilized to select qualified candidates for acceptance into the Practical Nursing Program. Students earning at least 10.5 points on the MACC Practical Nursing Admission Process Score Sheet and meeting all other minimum admission requirements will be automatically admitted, pending seat availability. In the event there are more students scoring 10.5 points or greater than available seats, students with the highest points will be admitted. Those students not meeting automatic admission criteria will go to the Practical Nursing Admissions Committee for a competitive selection process.

Students are selected for admission into the program via a weighted admission process. Applicants whose records indicate the greatest potential for successful achievement will be admitted to the program. Qualified applicants not admitted for the current academic year will be placed on an alternate list. If no position becomes available, these applicants must reapply for the next academic year.

In the event of an unusual situation concerning an applicant, an admissions committee will make the decision to accept or decline admission. The committee will consist of the Dean of Career and Technical Education, the Dean of Student Services, the Director of Nursing and Allied Health Programs, the Practical Nursing Coordinator, Nursing faculty, and three members of the health care community.

Applications will be reviewed and selected without consideration of sex, age, disability, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, marital or parental status.

These are minimum application criteria for this program and do not guarantee admission.