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At MACC, the key elements that drive our Mission are Recruitment, Retention, and Completion. No matter what role we play at MACC, we all can Be That Person!

Do you know someone on our faculty or staff who is making a difference? Use the form to share that story with us! It can be as simple as a positive interaction between peers, a helping hand, or a task well-done. No opportunity is too small when we're focused on creating dynamic and accessible educational opportunities for our students and community!

We'll share your stories on this page. Each semester, we'll randomly select two of those submitted stories to win a cool gift to say Thanks!


 Recent Stories

Name:Michelle Scanavino
Location: Mexico
I have been in class with Mrs. S for the last two semesters. She is very knowledgeable about the subjects she teaches and is so helpful to answer our questions and explain the content in a different way, if needed. I believe she truly cares about her students, in and out of the classroom, and wants us all to succeed! I'm grateful to have crossed paths with Mrs. S!

Name:Saira Ahmed
Location: Columbia
Saira is a kind and generous person. She gladly shared her time and expertise with me when I had questions about a current project. She is enthusiastic about her work and has amazing knowledge in her subject area. I'm privileged to work with such a valuable colleague!

Name:Madison Crouch
Location: Columbia
She is upbeat and cheerful whenever I see her. Even though she has a lot going on she doesn't seem to get really stressed and likes to help others out. I know this is difficult because she is working as well as taking classes. Thanks Madison!

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Past Stories